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How it works

The evening begins at 3:30 pm with a complimentary wine tasting at Enoteca Molesini in Piazza Repubblica. Take a moment to speak with the guest wine maker or local expert and learn about the region's winemaking tradition.


In between your tastings you may visit DelBrenna Jewelry and choose your favorite handcrafted piece to borrow and wear for the evening.  One of our designers will be present at the tasting to demonstrate his art and give you directions to our historic showroom just below Via Nazionale or our boutique just across the piazza.


At 8:00 p.m. the dinner begins featuring seasonal culinary courses paired with hand-selected wines from the guest winery. The chef and winery will share culinary and wine information during the evening to enhance your enjoyment. This is a wonderful opportunity to share your food and wine passion with like-minded locals and welcome guests of Cortona. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual with a focus on meeting new friends and enjoying La Dolce Vita.

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